1. No Seal & Valves

2. Self Priming & Can Run Dry

3. No Contamination & Low maintenance

4. Can Pump Material with Solid Particles

5. Reverse Flow by Reversing the Motor


1. Abrasive Products: Antlia peristaltic pumps are the best choice for abrasive slurries. The tube is the only part that comes in contact with the material, maintaining the abrasive wear to a bare minimum. Highly abrasive slurries having crystals can also be pumped by Antlia Pumps i.e concrete transfer, metal slurry without clogging the hose pump.

2. Corrosive Products: For corrosive liquids, hose selection is of prime importance as no other part of the pump comes in contact with the material ensuring a long life of the peristaltic pump. Acidic pigment slurries, Lime, Alum, etc can be pumped via Industrial Hose Pump.

3. Liquids With Solid Particles Or Sensitive Products: Pumping issues arises with fluids containing solid particles such as wastewater with gravel, metal slurry or food products, but due to free tube passage hose pump can transfer it without any product or pump damage. Antlia Pumps are the best choice for transferring shear-sensitive fluids maintaining the consistency of the product.

4. Viscous Products: Antlia Hose pump has a strong self-priming suction providing a necessary full vacuum pull to draw viscous materials like paint sludge, grease, chocolate, etc which is not possible with any other pump.

5. Environmental Applications: There are two main environmental applications for the industrial peristaltic pump:

  • Chemical metering
  • Sludge transfer

5.1 Chemical metering: One of the most common Sodium Hypochlorite, Ferric Chloride, Polymers, lime & carbon slurry. These materials have a tendency of emitting gas, but Antlia Hose Pump doesn’t lose its efficiency pump together both liquid & gas.

5.2 Sludge: Industrial Hose pumps can handle various kinds of sludge depending upon the application i.e can transfer paint sludge, mineral sludge, treated paper pump, etc.