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Benefits of FRL UNIT


A #Filter# Regulator #Lubricator (#FRL) unit is a common pneumatic component used in compressed air systems. It is typically installed near the air compressor and helps to prepare the compressed air for use in pneumatic tools and equipment.

The FRL unit is comprised of three individual components: a filter, a regulator, and a lubricator. The filter removes moisture, debris, and other contaminants from the compressed air, the regulator controls the air pressure, and the lubricator adds oil to the air to keep pneumatic tools and equipment running smoothly.

By using an FRL unit, #compressed air is filtered, regulated, and lubricated before it reaches the #pneumatic #tools and #equipment, which can help extend the lifespan and improve their performance of #AODD #Pump #AntliaPumps #Antlia #Manufacturer