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AODD Pump Highly Viscous Material


Antlia AODD (air-operated double diaphragm) pumps are capable of transferring a wide range of viscous materials, including oils, lubricants, inks, adhesives, and other similar materials. The ability to transfer viscous materials depends on the design of the pump and its diaphragm material.

In general, AODD pumps are well-suited for handling viscous #fluids because they can generate high levels of suction and discharge pressure. This makes it easier for the pump to move thicker, more viscous fluids through the system. Additionally, #AODD #pumps have no close-fitting parts that can get clogged or damaged by viscous fluids, which makes them less prone to failure.

The #diaphragm material also plays a critical role in the ability of an AODD pump to transfer viscous materials. Diaphragms made of materials such as Buna-N, Viton, and #PTFE are typically recommended for handling viscous fluids, as they are able to withstand the shear forces generated by the fluid and maintain their shape and integrity over time.

Overall, AODD pumps are a reliable and effective option for transferring viscous materials in a variety of industrial applications.